Managed Desktop

Managed Desktop

In order to run a network of Windows PCs in your company (“Endpoints”), there is a need for constant housekeeping and updates including operating system and security updates. 

Working in conjunction with our partner Sophos, we can completely automate this regular endpoint management routines like:

  • monitoring for security breaches and reacting to Cyber Threats such as Ransomware
  • installing security patches,
  • deploying OS and Application software
  • imaging and deploying the most current version of the OS,
  • managing all your software and hardware assets,
  • allocating software licenses,
  • monitoring software usage statistics,
  • managing USB device usage and allowing/restricting the copying of your software and data offsite,
  • taking control of remote desktops,
  • and more

Sophos Desktop Central supports managing Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Also you can manage your mobile devices to deploy profiles and policies, configure devices for Wifi, VPN, Email accounts, etc.

Using Desktop Central in a mid-sized company you can replace the work of one half to one man year for a fraction of the cost in salary for a System and Security Professional. Automating Endpoint Management in this way is a key strategy for savings in IT costs.