Device and Desktop

Device and OS Management

86% of security breaches could be avoided if the required security patches are applied in a timely fashion to the operating system, web browsers and applications. We therefore provide a solution that helps manage the timely application of security and operating system patches for servers, desktops, and mobile devices, done on a weekly (or sooner) basis. It automates the complete desktop and mobile device management life cycle from start to finish to help businesses cut their IT infrastructure costs, improve system management productivity, and combat network vulnerabilities.

What it does best
  • Managing the security and operating system patches
  • Automate regular OS desktop management activities.
  • Standardize OS and application configurations across your network.
  • Secure desktops from a wide range of threats.
  • Troubleshoot day-to-day problems.
  • Audit your IT assets.

Patch Management
Automate patching for over 1000 Windows, Mac, Linux, and third-party apps.
Proactively detect and deploy missing patches.
Test and approve patches before deployment to mitigate security risks.
Deploy critical zero-day patches.
Disable auto-updates and decline patches as needed.

Software Deployment
Install or uninstall MSI and EXE-based applications.
Schedule software deployments and perform pre and post-deployment activities.
Allow users to install software themselves using the self-service portal.
Utilize over 1,300 predefined templates to deploy applications. Create a repository of packages and reuse them any number of times to install or uninstall software.
Install software as a specific user using the Run As option.

OS deployment
Automatically capture the image of a computer, whether it’s live or shut down, using intelligent online and offline imaging techniques.
Store these images in a centralized repository and perform OS deployment on the go.
Customize captured images by using deployment templates for different roles and departments within your organization.
Perform hassle-free deployment across different types of hardware.
Execute post-deployment activities like installing applications, configuring computer settings, and more.

Asset Management
Track all hardware and software in your network live.
Ensure software license compliance.
Block executables and uninstall prohibited software.
Analyze software usage statistics and reduce costs associated with unused software using software metering.
Receive notifications for specific events such as detection of new software, non-compliance due to under-licensing, and prohibited software.
Gain over 20 pre-defined reports for hardware, software, inventory, and license compliance.

Monitor and analyze remotely managed systems by viewing the task details and processes that are running on them.
Remotely boot up a machine instantly using Wake-on-LAN, or schedule boot-ups.
Publish announcements company-wide or just to technicians. Schedule disk defragmentation, check disks, and disk cleanup for local or remote workstations.

Remote control
Leverage secure remote control to meet various compliance regulations, including HIPAA and PCI DSS.
Troubleshoot remote desktops seamlessly with collaboration between multiple users.
Integrated video, call, chat; and options for transferring files between machines.
Record entire remote control sessions for auditing purposes. Lock end users’ keyboards and mice, and black-out their screens to ensure confidentiality during remote sessions.
Take advantage of 128-bit AES encryption protocols during remote control operations.