We provide economically priced consulting to help you secure your systems for Cyber Security and Disaster Recovery implemented in the world's leading Cyber Security products.

We provide Cyber Security Expertise and Disaster Recovery Planning

Securnet.id was founded in 2017 by a team of IT veterans with over 20 years experience in IT Operations, Security and System Management. Our mission is to take companies through a step-by-step process of making Cyber Security and Disaster Recovery a fast, fool-proof exercise in their company’s IT operations.

Attached is our document on all areas of Cyber Security and the steps necessary to implement a fail-safe security plan in your organisation.  You can either implement the plan yourself or we can do this for you in a matter of two to three days on-site including training and education for your staff in the key areas which affect them.

After reviewing the global market of Cyber Security solutions, we found Sophos systems of the UK to be the most advanced company in the area of Cyber Security, today, world-wide, which is why chose to become silver partners with them and become trained and authorized in implementing their comprehensive product line.and services.



With over 20 years experience in the industry, we have a unequalled depth of experience in system administration, disaster recovery and Cyber Security implementation.


We charge on both a time and materials basis and on deliverables. Our time and materials costs is $80 per hour for a standard resources and $120 per hour for a senior expert resources. We charge $500 per day for onsite implementation and cyber security/DRP  work on site.


Securnet.id works on the basis that the “customer is always right” and if you are not completely satisfied with our service nothing will be charged to you.

Ongoing support

Cyber Security and Disaster Recovery are often emergencies requiring immediate action. Securenet.id is therefore available 24/7 to take care and help with any emergencies for our customers.


Securenet.id’s vision is to safeguard all its customers from the disaster of a breach, large or small, in Cyber Security.

We pro-actively educate our clients in the main dangers and pitfalls of the current Cyber Security landscape. As a further contribution to our customers we ensure that they have a current functioning  Disaster Recovery Plan in operation should the worst happen.